Personalized Training and Support for Each Client

Patty Rothman, principal of Custom Macintosh and Windows Training,  provides personalized support and training for individuals, schools and businesses. With her vast knowledge of Macintosh and Windows operating systems and programs, Patty is more than qualified to be your your go-to resource for anything computer related. She offers support and guidance (either onsite or by phone) every step of the way.


Software Support

  • Adobe
    • Photoshop
    • InDesign 
    • Illustrator
    • Acrobat
  • Microsoft
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Outlook
  • Apple Applications
    • Mail
    • Photos
    • iTunes
    • iCloud
    • iMovie
    • Final Cut Pro
  • FileMaker Pro

Setup and Installation of iPad, iPhone and Computer

  • Assistance in purchase and setup for a home or office computer system
  • Software installation, updates, and computer configuration
  • Internet and email setup
  • Network and printer setup
  • Troubleshooting in person or by phone

Photo Management

  • Catalog and organize photos, removal of duplicates
  • Touch-up and enhancement of photos
  • Create custom photo books
  • Create custom slide shows
  • Create custom videos

Configure Devices

  • Setup for iPhone, iPad and computer
  • Synchronize contacts, calendar and emails between all devices

Provide Tips and Tricks

  • How to optimize the settings in your devices to preserve battery life
  • How to find your apps easily
  • How to store passwords in a safe place
  • Virus and spam prevention and removal


Rarely have I found someone with Patty's level of expertise...

“It is refreshing to work with someone who combines the perspectives of an IT professional, a programmer, a business strategist, and a human resource director. As the former IT Director for KRIV-TV26 (FOX affiliate in Houston TX) and FOX-Sports Southwest and in my current position as Chief Operating Officer at Perio Protect LLC, I have worked with many people who are experts in their field. Rarely have I found someone with Patty Rothman's technical expertise, eye for business, and excellent personal communication skills."

Doug Dunlop, Chief Operating Officer, Perio Protect LLC