“It is refreshing to work with someone who combines the perspectives of an IT professional, a programmer, a business strategist, and a human resource director. As the former IT Director for KRIV-TV26 (FOX affiliate in Houston TX) and FOX-Sports Southwest and in my current position as Chief Operating Officer at Perio Protect LLC, I have worked with many people who are experts in their field. Rarely have I found someone with Patty Rothman's technical expertise, eye for business, and excellent personal communication skills."

Doug Dunlop, Chief Operating Officer, Perio Protect LLC

“I speak to you with experience of Patty as a multi-year client, current trainee, 15 year CEO of a small software company and an established businesswoman. I have dealt with many programmers and many “trainers” and no one compares to the clarity, efficiency and thoroughness of Patty Rothman. She has mountains of patience and instinctively knows when to speed up or slow down. Since I already know how to program in several languages, she quickly adapts to the speed I learn and yet, never makes me feel anything but supported.”

Jill Thomas,  Executive Director, Mastodon Art/Science Regional Fair

“The realm of software support includes many individuals who have considerable technical knowledge and others who are excellent explainers. Finding an individual who can combine these two skills is rare. Patty Rothman is such a person and the new level of automation and comfort in our office is testament to her work.”

Athur Lieber, Director, Civitas Associates

"Patty Rothman is extremely patient and very knowledgeable about "All Things MAC." She Is very responsive and attentive to detail. I am Legally blind, and she helps me work with my 27" iMAC. I have nothing but goood things to say about her work, and I would recommend her highly. Apple would be lucky to have more Patty Rs."

"Patty is a remarkable teacher. She is very focused and so very bright. She is very clever in ascertaining my needs. She helps me take notes so that once she leaves I have some steps written down to refer to when I am working on a project. She helps me with tasks that I can not understand independently. She is very patient and never tires of my questions. She is incredible! Patty is always punctual and is affable and one whose company I enjoy."

"She has taught me numerous skills, has given generously of her time and has been accessible in crisis situations."

"Patty has provided me with excellent one-on-one computer help since 2002! She has helped me to get comfortable using my Mac Computer, given me tips on buying a new mac and has even helped me to learn to use my iPhone. She really helps you learn to do things independently rather then just "fix the problem." Her calm demeanor and step by step instructions are very helpful. In addition to teaching me skills on the computer, she has instilled confidence in me as a learner and as a computer user. Because she has helped me, I am able to help others who have minor computer questions. As an educator, I am able to spot a good teacher as in Patty Rothman; she is definitely a gem in the St Louis area."